Online Classes

On-demand Classes making hand-built pottery pieces with slabs of clay

Online Classes

All the online classes include detailed instructions on how to make and glaze the pieces along with the templates and life-time access!

Beginner's Hand-Building Online Course

The perfect solution if you want to learn pottery from the comfort of you home, even if you’ve never done this before!

Here’s the problem you face- most people think learning pottery is so hard and takes so long that you can't imagine learning this craft.

 Which means you'll never explore your creativity or follow your passion and live up to your full potential!

  Luckily for you, there’s now a solution!

Let me introduce you to
‘Beginner’s Hand-Building Online Course’,
an on-demand course to help you get started on your clay journey with clear step-by-step instructions so you have the basic toolkit on which you can build your creative dreams.

Clay Hands Collective- Monthly Online memberhship

Here's the value you'll find each month inside the 'Clay Hands Collective'

  • Detailed pottery lessons that will speed up your learning. From beginners to experienced hand-builders- there's something for everyone.
  • Insights on the right mindset for a sustainable practice. Having the right mindset is the most critical element of setting up and running a sustainable creative business.
  • Lessons on building and growing your business online. I'll take you through all the steps including setting up website, social media, marketing and the works.
  • Access to a private group with other creatives on a similar journey. A safe space for you to ask your questions, share your journey and grow together. Surrounding yourself with the right people and having a supportive community is another important aspect of establishing & growing your creative business.
  • Monthly Live Q&A's with me where I answer all your questions. And of course, access to other experienced members in the community to guide you through your journey.

About me

Hi! I am Jaspreet..

And I am the ceramic artist and owner of ‘Ceramics by Jas’.
I currently live in the beautiful city-state of Singapore and this is where I started my clay journey in 2020. Can you believe it all started in a spare room in our apartment?  

Now, here's a fun fact about me: I'm an MBA by qualification and spent a good decade working in the financial services industry. But you know what they say, life has a funny way of revealing our true passions. And for me, that passion turned out to be clay. I couldn't be happier about it! I do wish I had discovered my love for clay earlier but I've come to appreciate the experiences that led me here. For me, true success is all about finding contentment and joy in what we do.

Through my work & my online membership I want to share glimpses of my process, my inspirations, my successes, and even my failures, in the hope that it might inspire someone who's on the sidelines, hesitant to take the plunge and experience this beautiful and fulfilling creative life.

My Clay Journey

My clay journey actually began on a whim. After quitting my corporate job, I was looking to start something of my own. It was purely by accident that I stumbled upon clay. This discovery led me down a rabbit hole of countless hours spent on YouTube, watching every hand-building tutorial I could find. Each person had their own unique approach, and I eagerly absorbed as much knowledge as I could. I must have spent hours upon hours watching those videos before I finally took action. But getting started wasn't easy. I had no clue where to begin or who to reach out to. Thus began my journey of trial and error, trying and failing, and then trying again until I eventually succeeded.

How has the journey been so far..

The best part about my clay journey is the incredible joy and fulfilment I feel at every stage of the creative process. Working with clay gives me a chance to express myself and explore my ideas and emotions. This beautiful tactile medium engages all your senses, making it truly exciting and grounding at the same time. It's also all about growth and learning. Each new project brings fresh challenges and opportunities for improvement. With each piece I create, I refine my skills, discover new techniques, and find innovative ways to bring my artistic vision to life.

Why am I still here...

  I learnt pottery & set-up an online pottery business, all within the last 3 years
- with sales to over 15 countries across 5 continents & an audience of over 100K on Instagram.
Today, sharing my work with others brings me immense joy. At the same time, I am excited to share my journey and my learnings with other creatives so they get to experience the joy of having a sustainable creative business,
doing what they truly love.
I am passionate not just about pottery but also about the business of pottery.
Once I discovered clay, I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life & so began my journey of experimenting & learning. I invested in courses to accelerate my progress, applied every piece of knowledge I gained, and eagerly explored every opportunity that showed potential for business growth. Now, after three years of dedicated effort, I am excited to share my experiences, lessons learned, and a roadmap that guided me in establishing and expanding my pottery business.

Clay and magic..

 Working with clay feels like pure magic. Being able to bring my imagination and creativity to life through ceramics is truly a  blessing. Creating every piece with my own hands with a boundless intent and gratitude towards this art, makes it an absolutely exhilarating experience. I believe every piece crafted by hand has its own story, its own inspiration and an imprint of the maker's hands. The time, thought and patience behind each handmade piece is what makes it truly unique.

 So, that's a little glimpse into my world as a ceramic artist. I hope my work brings a smile to your face and adds a touch of beauty to your life. Remember, pursuing our passions and finding joy in what we do is what truly makes us successful. Keep embracing the magic around you, my friend, and let your creativity soar! 


I would love to hear from you!
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